Driven's about what gets us where we're going and 
what got us where we've been.


"what's a brother?  it's kinda hard to's somebody who's your best friend so much that he's related to you." - wil tyler waltrip


this land is my land...i captured it and made it so.

Outside The Lines

art is about coloring outside the lines and off the
edge of the page...


words are funny things.


it’s amazing what you find on the side of the road.

Little White Chair

this little white chair once belonged to my mother.  now it belongs to me.  this project is much like a journal for me.  it represents taking part of my past with me wherever i go.


i loved being a girlscout.  every year at summer camp we made and decorated little cushions to sit upon around the campfire.   they were made of vinyl tablecloths folded over, stitched around the edges with yarn and stuffed with newspapers.  each one had a carrying strap too!  oddly enough we called them sit-upons.

Stripes and Stars

Then & Now

i grew up in a little town on historic Route 66.  i remember walking down main street and trying to look in the storefront glass without seeing through it.  i pretended that if i could train my eyes to only see the reflection of yesterday without being distracted by the displays of today then i could enter another time, or world, or life and live parallel to myself.  i love photographing old small town storefront windows these days.  not too many left... still wondering if that parallel life is waiting for me.

Toy Stories