"Summer's End" | Orange Beach, AL

"Sunset Surfers" | Perdido Key, FL

"Like a Tidal Wave" | Gulf Of Mexico

She taught me to call if I'm going to be late.

She demonstrated the importance of straight seams;
the beauty of a belly laugh.

She taught me that every kitchen needs a rooster, every cook needs cast iron, brownies are best served warm & that practice might not make perfect but it sure does make a piano recital less painful.

She expected me to always think outside the box; to always hope.

She demonstrated that joy is eternal, grace is God-given, and that love can be radical & quiet at the same time.

She adored me, even when I wasn't adorable.

She gave me a working knowledge of what it is to be "Proper" but fully expected me to write my own rules.

She exemplified self sacrifice with personal dignity.

She knew she was dying & she knew
that I did not.

She told me to take care of me & to take care of my family.  And when she was gone she taught me that tho' grief may come like a tidal wave,
it cannot drown me.  

She taught me that He has put eternity in the hearts of men & that I am still
her little girl.

"Sunset Surfers" | Perdido Key, FL